Features Overview

CaptionHub massively reduces the time and resource needed to manage and carry out subtitling workflow.  

A transcription, translation, automation and collaboration platform for captions and translated subtitles. We are here to give linguists, producers, editors and companies the building blocks that they need to create, edit and publish perfect captions & subtitles. 

Browser based editor

Create & edit captions in real-time. A simple and intuitive editor means no special skills or software required. Advanced features for any team member from producer to linguist.


Natural captions/Auto transcribe with natural captions

CaptionHub uses state of the art speech recognition technology to automatically transcribe your movie for you, timing out the captions at the same time. It’s a huge timesaver. Auto transcription using automatic speech recognition is available for the original source video speech in 28 languages from Bulgarian to Swedish.


Managed workflow

Allow teams to work on the same project, even the same video, giving the potential for huge speed improvements. Remove workflow barriers, speed up transcription and translation.


Auto translate

Auto translate your captions into multiple languages, instantly. For true translation accuracy allow translators to log in from wherever they are on the planet, giving you access to the world’s best language talent.


Enterprise security

Every company using CaptionHub can be safe in the knowledge that their captions and videos are secure. SSL protection and 256 bit at-rest AES encryption as standard. Download our enterprise white-paper here.


Real time QC

Powerful features include cut detection, ripple edit, right-to-left language support, segment, watermarking, and built-in messaging – all from your web browser.


Burnt-in subtitles

With CaptionHub, subtitles rendered into the video you uploaded are just a mouse-click away. This makes it super simple to create captioned videos for social media or corporate videos.


QUMU Integration

With our advanced API, you can integrate CaptionHub into your enterprise platform. Our fully featured API allows users to remotely access CaptionHub’s powerful toolset, making captioning a seamless part of your existing workflow.


True frame accuracy

We’re frame accurate. Timing is vital to ensure that each caption appears when it should. With CaptionHub, captions can be adjusted for pinpoint accuracy, just click and drag.

Download, publish or burn-in subtitles

Once you have created your perfect subtitles, you can export timed text in multiple formats, including VTT, SRT, TTML, CSV, TXT, SMI, EBU-STL, ASS & SCC.

Video Production Heritage

CaptionHub is a technology platform but with a broadcast heritage. We founded the company after experiencing the subtitling headache in post-production, first hand. So, although we won’t provide human services along with your CaptionHub subscription, you will be dealing with a team who know their lower third from their Third Man. We’ve been in broadcast and video production for decades, and we impart our knowledge and expertise, distilled into the product and your relationship with CaptionHub from day 1.

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