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About the CaptionHub Global Partner Program

We partner with experts and global brands in enterprise broadcast & video. CaptionHub scales for business of all sizes.

Make the most of CaptionHub by becoming a CaptionHub Channel Partner or work with one of our existing partners to scale CaptionHub within your business.

Sell CaptionHub as one of your offerings

As a licensed Reseller you will be trained and authorised to enter into contract with
a third party to sell on CaptionHub subscription. CaptionHub offers a incredible opportunity to build a new recurring revenue stream into your business.

Develop state of the art integrations with CaptionHub

CaptionHub and its Technology Partners are creating the best experience in the video caption and collaboration ecosystem for enterprises. Seamlessly connect to CaptionHub via enterprise video management platforms allowing collaboration with video — all with the security that your business demands.

Refer CaptionHub and generate revenue

As a Referrer you will deliver marketing and pricing to generate leads and earn compensation on the sales.

Technology Partner Spotlight

Qumu creates CaptionHub to transform audience reach for leading enterprises.

Qumu’s Qx enterprise video platform is built to solve real-world business video challenges for Global 2000 companies. Qumu directly integrated CaptionHub into their Qx platform solutions related to Unified Communications, Social Business, Speed to Market, Executive Address and Training Delivery—enabling a true digital workplace. With the power of an integrated CaptionHub, Qumu enterprise users can maximise their global video audience with fast and perfect video transcription and translation, all within the native experience and security of their Qx instance. Together we offer unsurpassed enterprise video solutions.

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