What do I need to run CaptionHub?

CaptionHub just needs a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge). Internet Explorer is not currently supported.

What languages does CaptionHub support?

CaptionHub supports almost all of the world’s languages. As a general rule, if it’s supported by Unicode, then CaptionHub will support it.

What languages can be automatically transcribed?

We can automatically transcribe the following languages:

Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English GB, English AU, English US, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish

Do you offer an API?

Yes, we offer this for our Enterprise customers. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Content security is critical, and we do all we can to ensure that your data is only accessible by the people you choose.

What certification does CaptionHub carry?

CaptionHub is FACT certified. FACT are ISO27001 approved auditors.

What other security features does CaptionHub offer?

  • All traffic to and from the browser is encrypted via https
  • By default, a new user for CaptionHub has no access – permission needs to be manually given for each and every project
  • An audit trail for logged in users
  • Expiring URLs
  • Watermarked media (for Enterprise customers)

Is my data encrypted?

Yes. All data is encrypted every time it’s written, using 256-bit encryption via Amazon’s SSE-S3. There’s more information here.

Can I install my own instance of CaptionHub behind my firewall?

Yes. For our Enterprise customers, CaptionHub can be deployed in a variety of ways. Please see Infrastructure, below.

Is your data center SAS70 Type-II or SSAE 16 Type II certified?

Yes. AWS is SAS70 Type-II certified.

Who can see my information?

Access to data is limited to CaptionHub account administrators and developers. From time to time, CaptionHub also employs third party developers, who are strictly contractually bound regarding any confidential information.

What steps do you take to prevent the loss of my data?  What happens in the event of data corruption?

We take daily backups of our database to Amazon S3. We don’t back up video data, but we do back up caption data/work so that it can be restored in due course. Incidentally, S3 redundantly stores data across multiple devices and facilities. Video data is also stored on S3, which has a durability rating of 99.999999999%.

What type of security and monitoring practices are in place at the data center?

AWS’s security policies are well documented here: Their compliance certifications are listed here:

Can you produce an audit trail which logs who has accessed what?

By default a user can’t see anything in CaptionHub, they have to be manually given access to a project before they can view it. We track user login times and IP address, and we log various forms of activity: handover, download, assignment, etc.


How is CaptionHub deployed?

CaptionHub can be deployed in a number of ways, depending on the requirements of the client. This include the following:

  • An install on a multi-tenanted platform at, hosted on AWS
  • A private install on a single-tenanted platform, hosted on AWS
  • A private install on a single-tenanted platform, hosted on the client’s preferred provider
  • A private install at the client’s own data centres, on servers or VMs provisioned by the client

The multi-tenanted www platform is available instantly. Private installs take longer to deploy; this time is dependent on the requirements of the client.

What devices (hardware/operating systems / browsers) are supported?

A Mac or a PC with a modern browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) are the only requirements for using CaptionHub.

Can we use our organisation’s Single Sign-On (SSO) / shared authentication scheme?

Yes, we offer this for our Enterprise customers. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can we access our data from a variety of devices?

Yes. Any modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on PC and Mac will work well. Data can be viewed via iOS, but it’s not recommended for doing any work with.

Do upgrades occur instantly for all users?

Yes. Fixes / patches / upgrades are rolled out to all licensed users on simultaneously, after QA on a staging site.

Do you support offline work? If so, when is data synchronization performed and how are conflicts resolved?

Offline work is not supported.

What are your backup and retention procedures? Is my data stored in multiple locations? How long is data retained?

Backup is daily, data is stored in multiple locations within EU-West-1 (Ireland). Your data is retained as long as the software is licensed for.

Service & Support

What Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are in place for the infrastructure and applications? What is the agreed upon up-time?

The World Wide Web version is installed on AWS, so we rely on Amazon for the infrastructure. Their uptime SLA is 99.95%. The SLA for the application is dependent on the contract we have with you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Is there a Single Point of Contact for users in case of issues? What are the service hours?

Enterprise clients are assigned an Account Manager, who can deal with their requirements during normal UK office hours. Support requests should be dealt with via our Support Team, whose details are below.

How are support requests handled, and what is the expected response time?

Via email to The expected response time depends on your subscription with CaptionHub.

How do I request new features?

Feature requests and any requirements for custom development can be discussed with your Account Manager.

Is support provided for 24/7 (if users are distributed around the world)?

Enterprise customers benefit from 24/7 customer support, yes.


What currency do you bill in?

CaptionHub can be billed in any major currency, but GBP is preferred.