Perfect subtitles, faster. The cloud platform for collaborative subtitling

Just type

Now anyone can subtitle. The interface is simple and intuitive: no special skills or software required, just a web browser.

CaptionHub laptop screenshot

Blazing speed

CaptionHub takes away the barriers to getting the job done. It’s as fast as your linguists can type.

CaptionHub user interface

You have control

Subtitling can be a complicated process, particularly when it comes to making changes. CaptionHub puts you back in charge, giving you control of how you communicate with video.

Automatic notifications keep everything moving, there’s no time penalty for making last minute tweaks.

CaptionHub iMac screenshot

Talk like a native

The best linguists are often based in their home countries. CaptionHub’s cloud-based infrastructure allows translators to log in from wherever they are on the planet, giving you access to the best language talent.

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