The world’s most advanced captioning platform. 

 CaptionHub is an AI-powered, collaborative subtitling platform. Automatically caption and translate your videos, manage your editing and approval workflows, and directly publish to the world’s leading video platforms. Secure, reliable, and compatible with any enterprise environment.

CaptionHub. Perfect subtitles, faster.



“I am producing the captions in an 1/8th of the time I did before… It’s very intuitive and the accuracy of the speech recognition is very impressive… adding a new dimension of professionalism to my output.”

Steve Flynn

Marketing Manager

Sophisticated editing

Subtitling can be complicated. CaptionHub puts you back in charge, giving you control of how you communicate with video.

Speech recognition & auto-captioning

CaptionHub automatic transcription software uses speech recognition technology to automatically transcribe your video. It’s a huge timesaver.

Real-time editor

Create & edit captions in real-time. Simple and intuitive frame-accurate editing. Advanced features in a simple interface for any team member from producer to linguist.

Global team workflow & management

Allow teams to work on the same project, even the same video, giving the potential for huge speed improvements. Remove workflow barriers, speed up transcription and translation.

Machine translation

Auto translate your captions into multiple languages, instantly. We support 52 languages using using state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation.

Global linguists support

For the highest quality translation, allow translators to log-in from wherever they are on the planet, ensuring you have your best translators on point for your project.

Perfect timings

Timing is vital to ensure that each caption appears when it should when you subtitle a video. Captions can be adjusted for pinpoint accuracy with CaptionHub.


Translation mistakes can be incredibly costly. CaptionHub’s Handover functionality enables review and approval in addition to machine translation software features. The result is accuracy at speed.

Broadcast Quality

CaptionHub checks subtitles as they’re being made, like whether a subtitle is on screen long enough. Helpfully, it flags up where any errors are, allowing users to quickly correct their work.

To experience CaptionHub and understand how it would change your team’s video and production,  book a 30 minute demo now:

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“Every once and a while a product comes along that just blows your mind and CaptionHub is that product. The speed at which we can now do captions, in multiple languages, has saved us time and now we’re able to get our videos out much faster to the global teams at Ford Motor Company.”

Fred Gendron

Studio Manager

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