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Just type

Now anyone can subtitle. The interface is simple and intuitive: no special skills or software required, just a web browser.

Blazing speed

CaptionHub takes away the barriers to getting the job done. It’s as fast as your linguists can type.

You can put multiple people on the same project, even the same video, giving the potential for huge speed improvements. Our use of speech recognition makes things even faster and easier.

Perfect subtitles

We understand the importance of accuracy.

At best, subtitling mistakes will damage a brand; in some industries they can be catastrophic.

CaptionHub automatically manages a fully validated workflow for you, helping you sleep easier at night.


CaptionHub uses state of the art speech recognition technology to automatically transcribe your movie for you, timing out the captions at the same time. It’s a huge timesaver.

Got a transcript already? Use our built-in automatic alignment to time it out to your video.

You have control

Subtitling can be a complicated process, particularly when it comes to making changes. CaptionHub puts you back in charge, giving you control of how you communicate with video.

Automatic notifications keep everything moving, there’s no time penalty for making last minute tweaks.

Talk like a native

The best linguists are often based in their home countries. CaptionHub’s cloud-based infrastructure allows translators to log in from wherever they are on the planet, giving you access to the world’s best language talent.

Perfect timings.

Timing is vital to ensure that each caption appears when it should. With CaptionHub,  captions can be adjusted for pinpoint accuracy, just click and drag.


Translation mistakes can be incredibly costly, with the potential for long-term damage to a brand. CaptionHub’s Handover functionality allows unlimited rounds of review and approval.

Technically correct.

CaptionHub checks subtitles as they’re being made, like whether a subtitle is on screen long enough. Helpfully, it flags up where any errors are, allowing users to quickly correct their work.

Feature checklist

  • Real time view, adjust, edit
  • Right to left language support
  • Segment / merge functionality for longer movies
  • Integrated speech recognition
  • Export burnt-in subtitles
  • Exports VTT, SRT, TTML, SMI, CSV etc
  • FACT approved
  • SSL protection
  • 256 bit at-rest AES encryption

CaptionHub provided us with a fast and easy-to-use solution for adding foreign language subtitles to our videos. Not only could we manage our own projects and deliver on time, but the CaptionHub team were always ready and quick to assist.

Judith Frese

Manager Group Communications, Braas-Monier

When working outside of your native language, you need a subtitling solution that inspires confidence. CaptionHub delivers this in spades. The user experience is incredibly simple and accurate. The process of managing reviews, amendments and approval is a dream. A truly excellent platform.

Chris Hacking

Head of Client Services, forpeople

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