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With clients in a diverse range of sectors, CaptionHub helps drive competitive advantage through better communication with a wider audience.

Industry spotlight: Financial Services


Companies that operate within the highly regulated Financial Services industry demand the best. CaptionHub satisfies complex workflows, 65+ language translations, with cloud and on-premise options. Advanced security, as standard.

How CaptionHub addressed the needs of its Financial Services Asset Management clients:


  • Advanced security features as standard
  • On-premise and cloud availability
  • Video management system integration
  • Video translation for product and asset updates
  • Fast captioning turnaround for talking heads
  • Streamline compliance with meeting and audio transcription
  • Financial and portfolio reporting in 65+ languages
  • Monthly billing with easy overage and upgrade plans

The top 5 ways in which financial services drive bottom line impact with better, faster captioning:


  1. Scaling employee training and onboarding
  2. Maximising event audiences through broadcast
  3. Amplifying leadership voice and reach
  4. Maintaining security in all video assets
  5. Rapid deployment of products across geographies

CaptionHub is an approved Crown Commercial Service Supplier, on the Government Digital Marketplace under the G-Cloud 10 framework agreement announced in July 2018.

The Government Digital Marketplace was established to simplify sourcing and procurement for technology and digital projects for public sector organisations.

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Clients include: Allianz, BP, Bridcontent, Christian Science, Citywire, Creative Culture, DeLaval, Fidelity International, Freedman International, Investec, Janus Henderson, Jist Studio, Karl Taylor Education, Media Bounty, Monier, Thames Water, Dow, Lyxor, Translate Media, Workday, RSSB, BMI Group, Akzo Nobel, NHS

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