Video has the ability to connect brands with customers from all over the world. Regardless of language, caption and transcription can open your video to many different languages if you utilise these tools correctly.

The Benefits of Captioning

With increased access to mobile devices, businesses are more connected than ever – and to a wider audience. If your organization is looking to spread a message internationally, captions and transcriptions are a great way to push your video further without having to produce additional collateral. Not only does captioning or transcribing videos give information in the viewer’s native tongue, but it can provide them with a better understanding of the information in your video, as well.

Better Ranking Opportunity

When Google purchased YouTube, video optimization became a necessity for success in search results. When you create video transcriptions, Google will index the results in every language you provide. This can be a great boost for international SEO and help a foreign audience find your videos easier. Not only this, but 70 percent of the YouTube audience speaks a language other than English. By offering different language options, you can keep eyes on your videos for longer. YouTube’s sophisticated algorithm takes bounce rate into consideration, so keeping eyes on your video longer can help your overall presence on the site, as well. If you want to reach a majority of your intended audience, video transcription can unlock those doors.

What Languages Should I Use?

To determine which languages your video should be translated into, consider your ideal audience. If you are hoping to gain new international views, think of the countries where your product or service would most likely be used or purchased. Some of the countries with the highest YouTube viewing figures include:

  • India
  • Germany
  • France
  • Russia
  • Germany

If you’re not sure which languages to start with, consider one of these popular options.

The Bottom Line

Subtitling your videos for foreign audiences can be a great way to open your brand to a wider audience. By removing the English-only limitation of your business videos, you can keep eyes on your product longer and receive a beneficial SEO boost that improves the way search engines index your videos.

Talk to CaptionHub about captioning solutions and subtitling your videos for foreign audiences.